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Austin, TX — Police in Austin, Texas have been caught in an unscrupulous practice that looks more like something out of Nazi Germany than the supposed land of the free. In a video uploaded to Facebook this week, Austin cops are seen humiliating an innocent man in public as they poked and prodded his body to take photos of it for a database.

Cody King was on his way to school earlier this month when he was targeted by Austin cops for the alleged ‘crime’ of not using his turn signal. Officers, apparently not having proof of the incident could not or chose not to issue King a ticket. However, the ticket would have been far better than what happened next.

It is important to note that at the moment the officer told King that he was not being given a ticket, the remaining detainment became illegal.

Instead of letting King go on his way, police told the innocent man that they were now going to take photographs of him. King promptly rejected the idea, noting that this is a clear violation of his rights as he had not committed, nor was he suspected of committing any crime.

When King objected, the officer told him that he either lets him take pictures or King goes to jail. In no way is this threat just and it certainly is not standard procedure for traffic stops — at least for now.

“If you don’t allow us to take your pictures down here, we’re gonna go to the jail to take your pictures,” says the tyrant officer.

“Can I call my lawyer?” asks King.

“No, you can’t call your lawyer right now,” replies the cop.

Apparently, this officer forgot the part of the law which allows people, who are innocent until proven guilty, the right to have an attorney present during questioning. Photographing a man’s body is most certainly an instance in which an attorney should be present. However, this cop denied King his right to provide one.

King, who is now under duress and threatened with being kidnapped, eventually concedes and allows these tyrants to take pictures of him.

The officers surround King and begin lifting up his clothing to take pictures. The effect of such police action is nothing short of degrading and dehumanizing.

King, according to the video has no criminal record and was simply on his way to school. He was then singled out, apparently for his appearance, and then photographed for some police database — a practice fit for 1930’s Germany.

Please share this story so that this humiliating and tyrannical practice is exposed and immediately brought to a halt — before it becomes the norm.

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