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A video surfaced on Facebook showing an entrepreneurial Houston teenager being harassed by a cop for putting out business cards while his crew was mowing lawns. According to the post, later that day cops “broke into his home and attacked him with dogs,” although this has not been verified.

The video begins with an officer telling the young man to “step over here” next to a vehicle which is presumably their lawn work truck. Lawn machinery can be heard in the background as others are going to and from the truck.

“When I saw you, you were going from door to door to door,” says the unidentified cop.

“Yeah, I’m putting my business cards out,” replied the teen, holding a business card out for the cop. Later in the video, we see the teen hold his business card in front of a push mower.

“Well that’s what I’m trying to find out,” says the cop.

“Well that’s all you had to ask,” says the teen. “You see me cutting grass.”


The teen seems to think the situation was de-escalating, but the cop was not done. He demands to see the teen’s ID.

It’s important to note at this point that Texas is not a ‘stop and ID’ state, so the teen was not required to show his ID or even answer any questions. And everyone has the right to invoke their 5th Amendment right to remain silent.

Instead, the teen fell into the cop’s trap. Law enforcement are trained to prey on ignorance of the law and fish for anything incriminating or any behavior that can be used to escalate the situation. The teen said he doesn’t have it on him, so the cop proceeds to interrogate him and write down the information.

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“Now what is all this for,” asks the teen after giving his name and date of birth. The teen said he was nineteen, but gave his date of birth as 1999, which would make him seventeen. This can be construed as providing false information to an officer, giving them grounds for arrest.

“Because I’m investigating what you’re going,” said the cop with feigned incredulity.

Of course, it’s very obvious at this point what the teen was doing. There was a crew mowing lawns and the teen was putting out business cards and offered one to the cop. No damage was done to any vehicles and nothing illegal was taking place.

The cop tells a lie himself, insisting, “When an officer asks you for your ID, you’re supposed to provide your ID. You don’t have your ID. I don’t care what you’re doing.”

The teen then asks the cop for his card or his name, and that’s when the cop decides to arrest the teen.

With the clear lack of any justification for escalating the situation, it has to be asked if this is a case of ‘cutting grass while black.’ Perhaps the cop, like others caught in racist moments, thought the teen looked like a ‘bad dude.’

As the officer brandishes handcuffs, the teen backs away, reminding the cop that he’s on video. Others on the crew notice and approach, asking why the teen is being harassed.

“You cannot put me in handcuffs, sir. Put them back in your pocket,” asserts the teen.

The video transitions to segment “later that day,” presumably at the teen’s house well after the confrontation. The same cop, who apparently just can’t let go, is seen standing in his front yard.

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The cops said he “just wants to talk” but the teen knows he is being harassed, and states it emphatically. He tells the cop to get out of his yard, but the cops refuses, saying he “needs to get you identified.”

“I’m cutting yards. I’m minding my business,” said the teen.

The video closes with the cop walking up to the front door, insisting that all he’s got to do is talk with the teen.

The video then shows pictures of lacerated arms, which allegedly came from the police dogs sicced on the teen when cops broke into his house. This however, has not been verified. It could be the case that the vengeful cop had caught the teen in a little white lie about his age and decided to use it against him. Or the teen could possibly have had a warrant out.

In any case, the video demonstrates the importance of not talking to cops. When they are on a mission to cause trouble for people that ‘look like bad dudes’ in their eyes, they can and will create a situation – with their own lies and deceit – where the victim incriminates himself.

Always film police encounters, and always know your rights.

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  1. Bamamom July 26th, 2017 at 6:00 am

    Not fake , teen really was hurt, Look up Lee Merritt on Facebook! He is their lawyer, and you can read the story there. The officer involved was a Harrison County Constable Precinct 1, named Deputy Shane Cates, Houston, TX.


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