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Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza claimed Donald Trump was “sexist” for referring to Hillary Clinton as “she” and “her” during the second presidential debate.

This is not a joke; read that sentence again.

Cillizza said Trump “kept referring to Hillary Clinton as ‘she’ and ‘her,’ which was a concerted strategy. I’m not sure why.”

Read that quote again. He says was a “concerted strategy” to refer to a woman by her pronouns.


Interestingly, Cillizza didn’t have an issue with Clinton referring to Trump as “he” and “him.”

This has to be the most desperate thing a pundit has said about Trump’s performance at the debate – and it’s another bizarre example of this ongoing war on gender pronouns, as strange as that sounds.

To illustrate, back in May we reported on New York City law that makes it a violation of someone’s human rights not to use their preferred “gender pronoun.”

Employees, landlords and businesses who refuse to refer to transgender people with pronouns such as “ze” and “hir” now face heavy fines under the law pushed by “social justice warriors.”

Cillizza’s statement is even worse though.

Even if we were to take SJW logic serious for a moment, there’s no reason to believe that Clinton has any other preferred pronouns as “she” and “her,” yet, according to Cillizza, Trump is “sexist” for using those terms which have been part of the English languages for hundreds of years.

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