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Pandering to demographic shifts, the democratic party has made the white male persona non grata in America. In fact, through their media shills, they’ve made him, and all white people for that matter, the horrible target for overt and hateful racism. This brand of putrid behavior should never be acceptable by civilized people. It wasn’t right when white people were doing it to blacks in the past and it’s not right for white people to be doing it to white people now.

Oh shit, what the fuck is wrong with white people?

Maybe it’s just that the democrat party, the party of slavery and Jim Crow, can’t function efficiently without invoking racism into their agenda. I am dead fucking serious about this. It’s classic divide and conquer stratagem. A cursory google search will prove my point, showing the democratic parties racist past and how old habits, apparently, die hard.

Now that minority voters tend to vote overwhelmingly in favor of democratic party candidates, they’ve stolen the race movement from minorities and have been using propaganda against white people — which is ironic since the democratic party is led by white people. It’s a diabolical plan that is bound to blow up in their faces — just like slavery.

Some guy created a Chrome extension to change the word ‘white’ to ‘black’, which works magnificently when perusing the racist columns of the leftist media.

Behold the results.

I bet all of those writers thought they were clever when they published those shrill articles. Not too clever now, eh?
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