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Veterans score major victory in Los Angeles

Justice was again served last week against the Veterans Administration — specifically, its LA office, which once again got slapped down in its efforts to squelch a critic.

Exactly why federal prosecutors tried to work the VA’s will is a question Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be asking.

For most of a decade, Vietnam-era vet Robert Rosebrock, now 75, has protested outside the VA compound in Los Angeles, charging that the agency doesn’t do remotely enough for homeless vets. And the VA keeps trying to use criminal law to shut him down.

Years ago, lawyers from the ACLU helped him beat back charges for daring to display the American flag upside-down — a classic protest move — outside a gate to the compound. Last week, lawyers from Judicial Watch convinced the court he wasn’t guilty of a federal crime for hanging two napkin-sized flags on a fence adjacent to a compound’s gate last Memorial Day.

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