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from Hang The Bankers:

Photos showing US jets being painted Russian colors have triggered debates and conspiracy theories online, with many saying Washington plans to conduct false flag attacks in Syria and blame them on Moscow.

The pictures of the US jets were posted by a Canadian journalist last week on his Twitter account.

Although the journalist noted that painting fighter jets in the colors of potential adversaries is standard practice, they caused a stir among conspiracy theorists.

Many of them accused the US of preparing a false flag attack aimed at framing Russia in Syria.

So did you guys read that article of the US Army painting bomber jets the colors of Russian jets? Prepare for another false flag coming…..

— Rob Lu-Wong (@ThatROBTho) October 10, 2016

US concocting a false flag incident where one of their FA-18/A jets in Russian colors sink US Navy ship; USS Liberty style new PearlHarbour?

— Tom (@tvdh_3) October 10, 2016

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