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from Russia Insider:

Washington may be so desperate to discredit Putin and Assad, who are on the verge of wiping out the terrorists in Aleppo, that it will use the same reprehensible trick it did in Donbass.

After September 17th when the US Air force bombed the Syrian troops that were besieged by the US terror troops in town Deir EzZor, and the following provocation with the UN humanitarian convoy, we have been waiting for the next Pentagon and CIA provocation. The military psyop specialists are getting paid millions of dollars to invent these provocations, and we, collectively, trying to prevent them from happening and to untangle them after they take place. We do all these intelligence as volunteers.

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Here are a few bits of information for you to think about.

On October 6, 2016, Christian Borys, a Canadian Journalist based in Eastern/Central Europe and a contribution writer for VICE, the Guardian, RFERL, The Daily Beast, MacleansMag, TheEIU, Global Television, Al Jazeera, had posted the following tweet:

The U.S is painting their F/A-18’s to match the paint schemes of Russian jets in Syria. Standard training, but interesting nonetheless.

On October 9, some flight trackers noticed an inconsistency in the flight route of an Ukrainian airline company plane.

A passenger flight from Ukraine to Israel took rather unusual and dangerous route.

General flight information: Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines UF781: info and flight status. The flight UF 781 connects the airport Borispol of Kiev and the airport Queen Alia Intl of Amman. The flight is operated by the airline Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines (IATA code: UF, ICAO code: UKM). The distance between the two airports is about 2.085 Km and the flight time is about 3h 18m (the flight time is approximate, and may vary as a function of the air route and the type of aircraft used). For flights of some airlines (and to the main airports) you can also find real-time information on flight arrival or departure, info about delays or cancellations and the flight status.

As you can see, the flight UF-781 took a sharp turn left and made a loop over the Syrian airspace, instead of following a safe route over Israel. The same fight went back over Syria again.

Considering that the US terror troops fighting in Syria have just received MANPADS from Pentagon, making flights over Syrian war zone is not particularly bright idea. Maybe, we can find out who was the pilot? Interesting also what do the passengers think of this?

There are a few ideas about what could take place. I will list them below.

Also on October 9th, a flight tracker from Israel tweeted a peculiar screenshot.

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