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Infowars’ Bill Clinton Rape promotion has taken on a life of its own.

The contest is making headlines worldwide and has become a massive headache for the Hillary Clinton campaign.


Originally spun off Roger Stone’s Bill Clinton “RAPE” t-shirt design, anyone can earn a bounty of up to $5k for calling out the former president on his multiple rape accusations.

As new rape protesters confront President Obama, vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, Hillary and Bill Clinton himself on nearly a daily basis, we’d like to take some time to clarify a few of the details behind the promotion and help clear up various misconceptions pushed by the mainstream media.

The campaign, launched on Alex Jones’ September 30 weekday radio broadcast, has tasked willing participants with appearing on national television for five seconds donning apparel branding former President Bill Clinton a rapist, preferably the shirt sold at the Infowars Store, for a payout of $1000.

Additionally, we called on patriots to vocalize the message, “Bill Clinton is a rapist,” while wearing Infowars’ Bill Clinton Rape shirt for a maximum payout of up to $5,000 per appearance – until $100,000 has been expended.

Within hours of Alex Jones’ initial call, a man appeared on Fox News wearing his Bill Clinton Rape shirt and shouting “Bill Clinton is a rapist,” earning himself $5,000.

Less than two weeks into the promotion and more than half of Infowars’ contest money has already been allocated, with checks soon set to be mailed to successful participants.

As interest in the promotion continues to grow, here are a few details about the current state of the contest.

How many people have participated so far?

Infowars has noted about 20 instances of Bill Clinton rape protesters appearing on television or in print media. However, many participants have not contacted us to receive payouts.

Participants should reach out to Infowars at

How much of the allotted $100k has been paid out, or is left?

As much as $71K is already scheduled to be paid out to successful participants. That leaves only $29K for others who’d like to participate – but you never know what other crazy stunts Alex Jones has up his sleeve!

Can you enter multiple submissions?


Did you tell protesters to go to Hillary rallies?

No, Alex Jones merely asked for people to appear on television.

Did the media reach out to you to clarify details of the promotion?

While many news outlets have reported on the promotion, Infowars has only been able to find one media organization, the New York Post, who has called or emailed to clarify details of the promotion.

Has Infowars paid winners out yet?

Checks are set to be mailed to at least 13 successful participants at the end of the week. However, many people who have successfully participated have not contacted us to receive payouts.

Participants should reach out to Infowars at

See some of the entries below.

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