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The University of California at Davis has a revolutionary solution for all their binge-drinking students who find it difficult to control their primal urges after a night of frat-hopping…the ‘Plan B’ vending machine.  For $30 a box students can now flush that pesky, potentially-fertilized egg without the hassle of having to walk all the way to a pharmacy. 

Of course, the female students on campus seem to love the idea, saying…“It’s like useful”….yeah, totally, and stuff.

“It’s easier to take a Plan B than have to tell your parents that you’re pregnant.”

“It’s like useful….so that you don’t have to go to a pharmacy…”

Meanwhile, one parent actually told CBS Sacramento that the vending machine “encourages responsibility.”

“It encourages responsiblity.  I mean if you mess up then you mess up.  It’s better than waiting to see if you get pregnant and have an abortion.”

We suspect many other parents might have a slightly different definition of “responsibility”…but what do we know?

But the machine isn’t just for emergencies…it also offers condoms for those who prefer to plan ahead.

The vending machine was the brain child of UC Davis student, Parteek Singh, who said he came up with the idea after his “friends” had a close encounter one Friday night when the local pharmacy ran out of Plan B pills.

“There was an incident where my friends went to the one pharmacy that was open 24/7 in town on a Friday night.  And they were all out of emergency contraceptive.”

“I want to see this on every college campus.”

What more is there to say really?

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