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Activist Post Editor’s Note:  Despite the many warnings about the increased privacy invasion from this technology, as well as evidence showing that it is far from 100% accurate, Americans appear to be choosing perceived security (and convenience) over liberty. According to a recent survey from the Center for Data Innovation, only 1 in 4 Americans is at all concerned about government facial recognition tech, and that number is even lower when it specifically addresses law enforcement.

The survey also indicates Americans are more likely to support any apparent tradeoff to their own privacy caused by facial recognition technology if it benefits law enforcement, reduces shoplifting or speeds up airport security lines. (Source: NextGov)

Nevertheless, we will continue educating as many people as possible about the dangerous trend toward biometric identification in all areas of society.

In the following video, Dan King from Young Voices gives the low down on the U.S. government using Amazon’s facial recognition technology. Where do they get their data from? Who else uses this type of technology? Have we entered an Orwellian era of Big Government?

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