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President Donald Trump addressed the nation Saturday evening where he said that he may strike a deal with the Democrats which will ultimately end the shutdown as long as he can get a specified amount of funding for the strategic development of physical barriers along a 230-mile section of the United States-Mexico border.

trump address
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The commander-in-chief said that the humanitarian security crisis on the border requires “urgent action” because illegal drugs are flooding into the U.S. from Mexico which kill thousands of Americans annually.

“Three-hundred Americans a week die from heroin,” he explained. The “lack of border control provides a gateway” into the U.S. for such drugs.

“I want this to end,” he said. “It’s got to end now … we need “real bipartisan immigration reform” to “solve the crisis on the southern border.”

The 72-year-old leader made clear that he wants $800 million for “urgent humanitarian assistance” to clear up the court systems plus another $805 million to better secure ports of entry into the country. On top of that, the president will request an additional $5.7 billion from Congress for the strategic development of physical barriers or a wall.

The federal government currently has contracts underway for the development of a 115-mile long barrier along the southern border. However, Trump’s new proposal will add an additional 230 miles of metal fencing along the border in areas determined to be hot spots for illegal activity.

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