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Gun owners turned out in a big way for Trump. Why should we take his appointing a gun-grabber to an important post over military health care without letting him know that’s wrong — and why? (Dean Winslow at confirmation hearing–US Senate)

“I’d also like to, and I may get in trouble with other members of the committee, just say how insane it is that in the United States of America a civilian can go out and buy a semi-automatic assault rifle like an AR-15, which apparently was the weapon that was used,” retired Air Force Colonel Dean Winslow, President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the military’s health care system, told the Senate Armed Services Committee during confirmation hearings Tuesday, The Washington Examiner reports.

“Winslow, a professor at Stanford University, offered up the assessment, seemingly unprompted, amid questions from Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., about the military’s treatment of domestic violence convictions during his nomination hearing to be assistant secretary of defense for health affairs,” the report elaborates.

Somebody should tell this insulated functionary the weapon the citizen hero who stopped the killer used.

It would be bad enough had Winslow responded that way to a direct question. It’s also pretty obvious he’s trying to cover for the Air Force blowing it with required reporting on the Texas church shooter’s past.  To volunteer it out of the blue shows a predisposition to “progressive” academic elitism that makes it fair to question what he had in mind when he swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

It also reflects a troubling political mindset of some top military personnel exemplified by standing army standard bearers including retired Gen. Peter Chiarelli, retired general and former CIA director David Petraeus and retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal, and others who have teamed up with career military elites to lend their names to “The Veterans Coalition for Common Sense.” That’s a wholly-owned enterprise of the Mark Kelly/Gabby Giffords fundraising and propaganda machine designed to infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

And it’s not like such oath-breaking is new. We’ve talked before about the late Rhode Island Sen.  John Chaffee, a Republican and a bona fide USMC hero of World War II and Korea, who even went farther and introduced a bill to ban handguns.  Other prominent military gun-grabbers include retired general and former presidential candidate  Wesley Clark, who called for a host of infringements including banning so-called “assault weapons,” arrogantly declaring “people who like [them] should join the … Army.”

And retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and former Secretary of State Colin Powell showed his sentiments, heavily couched in globalist weaselspeak to appear “reasonable” to “Meet the Press” viewers:

Unfortunately, but perhaps reflective of the political realities needed to get to the top ranks in the armed services (the late Col. David Hackworth called them “perfumed princes”), warriors of equivalent political clout have not stepped forward to champion the truth to the American people, that:

  • The founders, fearful of a standing army, envisioned “a well regulated militia” of “the whole people” that Congress and the states have been deliberately indifferent to establishing.
  • That this was what they deemed “necessary to the security of a free State.”
  • That the right of the people, from which the militia could be drawn, “to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
  • That the people are entitled as a birthright, not as a government grant, to “every terrible implement of the soldier,” that is, to “ordinary military equipment” —  “in common use at the time” — intended to be taken into “common defense” battles.

For now, there’s not a lot we can do about gun-grab generals who see the way to further their interests is to further foreign and domestic interests in disarming Americans – aside from noting and exposing whose side they’re on to those within our spheres of influence.  But there is something we can do about President Trump’s wholly-unsuitable assistant secretary pick:

Tell him why his core constituency will rightly view that as a bad idea. You might start with the crappy way the health system for veterans has treated them so poorly, including as it pertains to their never-ending right to keep and bear arms. Putting a gun-grabber in a top slot is another slap in their faces.

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