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Following the last-minute refusal to testify by two Left-linked Russia-related persons-of-interest (alleged unmasker Susan Rice and Fusion-GPS founder & Trump Dossier writer Glenn Simpson), Reuters is reporting that the Russian lawyer who met Don Jr has said she is ready to testify to Congress to dispel what she called “mass hysteria” about the encounter.

Veselnitskaya has previously said she is a private lawyer, that she never obtained damaging information about Clinton, and that she has no ties with the Kremlin.

“I’m ready to clarify the situation behind this mass hysteria – but only through lawyers or testifying in the Senate,” Veselnitskaya said in an interview with Russia’s Kremlin-backed RT TV channel released late on Tuesday.

Russian officials have repeatedly denied U.S. allegations that Moscow interfered in the presidential campaign to help Trump win the White House.

The scandal concerning the meeting between US President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was orchestrated by Magnitsky Act lobbyist William Browder, the lawyer told RT in an exclusive interview.

“I´m ready to clarify the situation behind this mass hysteria – but only through lawyers or testifying in the Senate,” Veselnitskaya told RT.

“I can only assume that the current situation that has been heated up for ten days or so by now is a a very well-orchestrated story concocted by one particular manipulator – Mr. Browder. He is one of the greatest experts in the field of manipulating mass media,” Veselnitskaya said.

She went on to say that Browder, who is the founder and CEO of the Hermitage Capital investment company, orchestrated this whole disinformation campaign as revenge for the defeat he suffered in a US court in 2013 from a team of lawyers that included Veselnitskaya.

“I am already tired of talking about it, but apparently nobody wants to hear. This was the story that I brought to Donald Trump Jr. I wanted him to know that Browder, a person who gave up his US citizenship, is trying to manipulate people in Congress,” she said.

“If the Senate wishes to hear the real story, I will be happy to speak up and share everything I wanted to tell Mr. Trump,” she added, referring to the alleged economic crimes that Browder is suspected of in Russia. “I will share everything I know about this situation when millions came into my country and billions left it – and nobody paid taxes.”

We are sure it won’t be long before the left decide that her testimony is crucial… the question is – will she turn up? Unlike Rice and Simpson?

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