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We all know Trump is a showman, but who expected him to horn in on the legendary Houdini’s act?

1.  Billy Bush suddenly recalls a bantering conversation he once had with Trump before taping a television show.  Searches for the date.  Calls uncle. Tape retrieved.  Bushs tip HRC campaign.

2. First debate Hitlery showing orchestrated by agreement and collaboration with Lester Holt via political intermediaries.  Regime media delivers hosannas to La Brigada, a week of positive news reports follow.  (After last Friday’s events, a review of Hitlery’s smugly smiling first debate performance screams “I gotta secret, chump.  You’re gonna be toast.”)

3. Mike Pence debate with Kaine in which Pence takes traditional RNC positions, contrary to RNC presidential candidate Trump.  People wonder, was he auditioning for 2020?  Pence then shuts up.

4. The non-scandal VZ-beauty queen brouhaha, a lady who it turns out has had quite a few criminal misadventures once cut free of Trumpean beauty queen tyranny.  Trump guilty of trying to salvage an investment   Or is there a viable Miss Fat beauty queen pageant of which I am unaware?

Nonetheless, good for a weeklong DNC critical blabfest hitting on the “female abuser” angle.

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5. 2005 Trump/Bush tape released with Billy Bush’s commentary excised.  Did Billy get Trump’s  locker room chatter rolling?  Did he egg Trump on?  Did Billy object to Trump’s naughty boy remarks at all?

6. A glorious 48 hours’ of a #Never Trump fiesta precedes 2nd debate.  Old guard RNC clutching their pearls on cue, abandon Trump – Ryan, McCain, McConnell,, et co.  Pence positioned nicely to take over ticket’s top slot, tweets criticism of Trump’s 11 year old remarks referencing “prayers for the family.”  

7. Saturday Trump Tower support demo first indication the deplorables will not sacrifice their champion over some admittedly idiotic male blab from 11 years ago, underscored by protests at Paul Ryan Wisconsin political blowout.

8. Trump engineers pre-debate meeting of media & quartet of Bubba’s sex attack victims, who were further abused by Hitlery.

9. Elephant leaves room, heads to debate stage.  Ringmaster Trump follows.

10. After having spent $ 850,000 to prevent victim depositions going forward in Paula Jones case, Bill Clinton finds himself seated a few feet away from now very public victim quartet, while listening to the possible next president of the United States – on national television – promising a special prosecutor, conviction and jail time for him and his wife on corruption charges vis a vis Clinton Foundation.  Visually hoisted by his own petard!  Bill must have been fuming.  What DNC bright lights dreamed up this boomerang job?  Trump even tells Hitlery she “ought to be ashamed” of herself for destroying evidence after receiving a congressional subpoena.

11. Houdini Trump surfaces and takes in a y-u-u-u-g-e draught of fresh air.  Pence quickly surrenders his illusions and  tweets Trump congratulations and support.

12. New Trump internet solicitation:  “Us Against the World!  Join me.”

13. Media grateful in a profit-sort of way, Trump having just guaranteed the biggest possible audience for Round 3.

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