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There is an old saying that says, “They/you can’t see the forest for the trees”. It might be understood as meaning you can’t see the broad concept of the forest, because you are too intent on seeing the individual trees. This idea can be turned around to explain why the Globalists/Utopians can’t see what is in front of them. They get so wrapped up in their Utopian Dream, that they can’t see the inherent contradictions of their thinking, nor can they imagine any genuine opposition to their Utopian Dreams.

I would posit that: “They can’t see the trees for the forest”.

What do I mean by that? Simply this: They see a forest, a broad concept, but don’t see that the forest is actually composed of many thousands of individual trees, with each tree being unique. These individual trees have somehow developed in concert with each other. They compete for space, for sunlight, for water and nourishment. Some forests are predominately of one type of tree, with another dominated by a different species. Not all forests are the same, and no individual tree is identical to another, though they all have things in common. It is rare to find a single oak tree in a predominately spruce forest. There is usually a cluster of oak trees. Trees spread their seeds in a given local area, though sometimes helped to be spread by birds, or other creatures.

Another old saying: “Birds of a feather flock together.” (Old sayings endure for a reason.) A given species of any bird, or animal, will tend to join with others of its sort. Cattle graze together. So do sheep. Coyotes group together in packs, etc. Humans do the same. We cluster together. When we cluster together, it is for various reasons; protection, companionship, community, division of labor, or a number of other equally compelling reasons. This joining together is based on a mutual understanding of one, or more, of these reasons. We have something in common. We have some sort of defined goals for this community, vague though they may be. Still, it is understood that there are some basic rules that govern us in order to live in concert with each other. These rules are our culture. They need not be strict rules, but they must be understood. and adhered to, by all.

What am I getting at? Simply this: It is the culture of a community that matters. There is no community if there is no culture. Culture, traditions, morality, ethics and law all evolve from a sense of a certain amount of similarity among the members of a community. The members recognize these similarities, even as they recognize their differences. They see the forest and the trees.

Utopians only see the forest. They see only a mass of people, not a community of individuals with shared interests and values. To the Utopian, all individuals are basically the same. They speak of diversity, but demand sameness.

The Economist recently posted a poll on Twitter to get Americans opinions on open borders — it backfired in hilarious fashion.


They were quite shocked, I’m sure, as they no doubt expected quite different results, as the Economist is a Globalist mouthpiece. Yet, if they weren’t fixated on seeing the forest and ignoring the trees, they would understand that the results of the poll were predictable. “Birds of a feather flock together.” Bringing in masses of culturally different individuals is the antithesis of community. If those masses of individuals have no interest in acclimating to the existing culture, at least to a strong degree, conflict becomes inevitable.

America has traditionally been a Judeo-Christian country. Our society is built around the values and culture of those two religions. We accept other religions into our culture if they do not attempt to change our culture and traditions. We can coexist. However, when a religion, or peoples, demand that we disregard our values and culture in favor of theirs, it is not surprising that we object.

The Globalists have a desire to create a new, One World culture. It is beyond their ability to comprehend that others have no interest in their Utopian Dream. Their fanatic beliefs prevent them from believing that any sane, rational person could be opposed to them. The crazy behavior of the Globalist/Leftist legions show this to be the case. They believe themselves to be rational, therefore anyone opposing them must be irrational. It is not in their realm of capability to accept even the possibility of opposition. To them it is inconceivable. If you oppose them, you are obviously unhinged, a fascist. a racist, or whatever.

Thankfully, the world is changing. The Globalist mentality is dying. It is not dead, yet, but it is dying. Those true believers in Globalism still fight us, but their numbers are diminishing. Hopefully, the concept of Globalism will one day be only recognized in history books as one more failed Utopian Dream.

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