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On Thursday, Asteroid 2012 TC4 will come close to earth, at 1/8 the distance of the moon. Although it’s close, scientists assure us that it won’t actually strike the Earth, but some theorists disagree.

Recently updated numbers show that the asteroid will come closer than previously thought. It will  from our planet. Asteroids are small, rocky objects that orbit the Sun. The first known asteroid was Ceres, discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801. There are currently over 600,000 known asteroids in our solar system. Most asteroids are found orbiting in the Asteroid Belt, a series of rings located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. And some Christian conspiracy theorists now believe that the asteroid’s arrival will mark the beginning of the end of the world.

A blog ran by poet Mel Brake says the passing of the asteroid will be a sign in the sky that Mother Mary is to return and the end of the world will begin. The website says that October will mark the 100 year anniversary of “Our Lady of Fatima,” signaling the apocalypse. “Our Lady Of Fatima” was a phenomenon in 1917, which began May and culminated in October with the “dancing of the sun.” It is said that three young Portuguese shepherds were visited by Mother May who provided them with visions of the apocalypse and on October 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima fulfilled her promise to the three children that she would give a sign for all the world to see. On that rainy day, the 50,000 – 70,00 people witnessed for about 10 -15 minutes what is called “The Dance of the Sun”. After “dancing” in the sky for many moments, the sun seemingly left its orbit and hurtled toward earth before returning to the heavens. And now a century later, some believe this asteroid is a sign in the sky that will spark the apocalypse.

Brake’s blog points to Revelation 12:1 says that a “sign” will appear in the heavens before a woman comes and provides great anguish to those on Earth – the woman being Mother Mary in this instance.

The Bible passage 12:1-2 reads: “And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of 12 stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth.”

And Brake’s blog post read: “The message is clear have we a choice between light or dark and since 100 years of Mother Mary’s appearance to the three little children of Fatima. –Express UK

Brake doesn’t indicate that the asteroid will actually impact the Earth, but hints that its arrival is the event that will signal in the apocalypse. NASA also says that there is no danger of the world ending and will use the flyby – less than 5,400 miles between London and Los Angeles – to gather valuable data on the asteroid which was discovered in 2012.

Michael Kelley, a program scientists and NASA headquarters lead for the 2012 TC4 observation campaign, said, “Scientists have always appreciated knowing when an asteroid will make a close approach to and safely pass the Earth. This is because they can make preparations to collect data to characterize and learn as much as possible about it. [And] this time we are adding in another layer of effort, using this asteroid flyby to test the worldwide asteroid detection and tracking network, assessing our capability to work together in response to finding a potential real asteroid threat.”

This new revelation from Brake comes just after David Meade, a mathematician, revealed to that Planet X, also known as Niburu, .

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