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43534234234Under heavy pressure from the USA, the UN General Assembly has adopted a recommendation to stop the hostilities in Syria. It was amusing to observe the hyper-activity of the members of the US delegation to the UN, who, without waiting for the lift, tired themselves out rushing up the stairs of the high-rise building, meeting their accomplices, trying to grab anything from the table of the outgoing “lame duck” one last time. All this had the singular aim that the resolution would be adopted at the UN or rather imposed on the international community to cover up Washington’s dark, dirty business.

It is reasonable that the question arises as to what this latest American hysteria was connected and why the outgoing administration of the dishonourable US President ordered that the UN General Assembly urgently adopt this resolution on an immediate ceasefire in Aleppo. For, as it is well known, Moscow has repeatedly stopped bombing the locations of terrorists and their Western sponsors, and now the Syrian Army has suspended military operations in Eastern Aleppo entirely. Tens of thousands of civilians have escaped the captivity of terrorists via a special corridor out of the city and received extensive humanitarian aid from Russia there and then.

This is the latest example of specific Russian assistance to civilians, which is in contrast to the demagogic reprimands made by the United States representative and its “allies” at the United Nations. From December 10, the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria organised the latest evacuation of civilians from the Eastern districts of Aleppo to the safe zone via humanitarian corridors in the Karim El-Hun and Mahayar region. According to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the evacuated Syrians have been accommodated in humanitarian centres where they are given hot meals. Furthermore, if necessary, the citizens of Aleppo are offered medical care. The report compiled by the Russian Ministry of Defence indicates that civilians are leaving Eastern Aleppo in a “continuous flow” and are heading to regions of Damascus under army control.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the latest provocative act undertaken by the dishonourable, soon-to-be-forgotten, outgoing old US administration. In this case, everything can be easily explained and the “free democratic Western media” is to blame. Journalists at learned about Washington’s desperate attempts to hastily arrange safe passage to the Eastern part of the city so that US intelligence officers and military advisors working for terrorists could escape to Turkey. The US high-ranking officials’ aim is to save US intelligence agent Bilal Abdul Kareem and his colleague from the siege in Eastern Aleppo and then give them the opportunity to cross the Turkish border on the Castello Road. In this case cites the Arabic website, Al Hadath. The news agency reports that a second intelligence officer, whose name is not given, coordinated the fighting of the armed opposition against the Syrian army and now, when the militants of these subdivisions leave the districts of the second largest city in Syria one after the other, it is likely that an instructor will die or get captured.

Incidentally, various news agencies previously reported that a large militant centre in Aleppo was destroyed where there were about 30 citizens of the USA, Germany, Turkey and Israel, responsible for coordinating the actions of the militants and training them in combat tactics. However, neither their names nor the special services they belonged to were revealed. And now, for the first time, there has been news of American Muslim, Bilal Abdul Kareem, who is at the epicentre of the fighting and the American authorities fear for his safety, and who is actively coordinating the actions of the terrorists, which the United States, consistently insist— or rather outright lie—they are waging war with.

The decision made by President Barack Obama to lift the formal restrictions on supplying arms, ammunition and military equipment to US allies in the fight against terrorism in Syria was another obvious “contribution” made by the US administration in the “war on terror”. It is wholly clear that the mass arms supplies to the ‘moderate’ Syrian armed opposition will not actually bring about victory over Daesh (ISIL), Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organisations, banned in Russia, but will only add fuel to the fire and prolong the agony of civil war and its numerous victims.

Incidentally, the very phrase “US allies in the fight against terrorist organisations in Syria” invites attention. If it refers to moderate Syrian opposition, then it means that arms are being supplied directly to the Syrian armed opposition groups that the Pentagon would like to use for their own purposes in order to overthrow the legally elected Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Many experts note that in Syria there is a rather fine line between the moderate opposition fighters and militants of terrorist organisations. Therefore if US weapons fall into the hands of the moderate opposition, they can end up in the hands of terrorist organisations, which has often happened in the past. Incidentally, these facts forced Washington to strongly defend terrorist groups in possession of American weapons, by “supporting” overt criminals going by the term “moderate” opposition.

That is why the outgoing administration of the Nobel peace prize winner should clearly understand the possible consequences of these actions and, above all, stop supplying these types of weapon that, in the hands of international terrorists and criminals, could be used to commit terrorist acts against entirely innocent people and prolong this bloody civil war. In this case, this means the various modern grenade launchers as well as MPADS. These weapons supplied to the allegedly moderate Syrian opposition may later turn up in other regions of the Middle East – Iraq, Afghanistan, and be used against the US forces themselves.

The latest events in Palmyra, temporarily captured by terrorists—in our opinion—aided by the so-called US-led coalition, should be considered an altogether unprecedented case. The Russian military said that more than four thousand people took part in the latest attack. It was also observed that all the extremists arrived in Palmyra from Raqqa, where US coalition troops temporarily stopped (for some reason at this very moment) the attack on ISIL’s position. If you take note that the Americans and their allies stopped fighting in the Iraqi city of Mosul allowing the terrorist command to transfer their units out of there to Palmyra, then there seems to be some kind of cooperation, a union between the United States and ISIL. Apparently, however, this is not surprising, since the Nobel peace prize winner himself admitted that US actions in the Middle East led to the emergence and further prospering of this terrorist organisation.

Incidentally, many worldwide noted the seemingly clear animosity and kind of joy that the Western media displayed when commenting on the retreat of government forces supported by Russia from Palmyra and the emergence of terrorist groups there. It is simply amazing that it turns out that in their anger at Russia, the Western media have turned into the mouthpiece and propagandists of terrorism. As it is well known, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing

But perhaps soon the events in Syria will take a different turn. The newly-elected American president, Donald Trump, has repeatedly stated that he is not interested in overthrowing Bashar al-Assad, and he considers the effective and active fight against terrorism and its ideologies the basis of his policy in the region. If, in the future, Washington will conduct this very policy, the efforts of two countries—the United States and Russia (which has long actually been fighting criminals and terrorists, not just talking about it)—will be enough to end the shameful phenomenon of terrorism and bring peace to the Middle East.

Viktor Mikhin, a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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