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If ever one needed better evidence of failed liberal ideology, look no further than the complete mental breakdown and kneejerk arrogance programmed into a nation of tantruming pseudo-intellectual children of all ages. I’ve never seen so many overly-dramatic sore losers who can’t manage to look inward and move on with their lives.

In light of the fact that so much of America is woefully unequipped with facts, critical thinking skills, or the ability to absorb divergent opinions without having an existential crisis, it’s time to address perhaps the most important swamp of all; the hyper-liberal US educational system and the people responsible for influencing the future of our nation.

Submitted for consideration by an attorney and educator who wishes to remain anonymous [emphasis mine]


I’d like to submit two proposals concerning what President Trump could do to “drain the swamp.”  The first proposal concerns the flagrant political discrimination that plagues almost all of academia, both k-12 and college level. Virtually all of these institutions have become the sole haunt of left wing ideologues.  Everyone knows this, although some liberals may try to deny it.  The result has rendered most of our colleges and grade schools veritable liberal ghettos where conservatives need not apply and are certainly not welcome if they try.

The proposed solution is to give these institutions one year to balance their teaching staff so that fully half of them are registered Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, or otherwise conservativeOnce that year had elapsed, President Trump could decree by Executive Order that funding for any educational institution receiving federal funds would be cut by a percentage equal to the disparity between liberals and conservatives in their teaching staff.  For example, if only 5% of their teaching staff were Republican or Conservative after a year’s recruitment then the institution would receive only 10% of its prior federal funding. Institutions that raised their Republican representation to 40% would receive up to 80% of their prior federal funding.  This approach would motivate biased liberal institutions to at least abate their political discrimination, and American taxpayers wouldn’t continue to pay for left wing bigotry poisoning the minds of our children.

In America today, Christian bakers can be forced out of business for refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, but nobody blinks an eye when Spike Lee announces he’s firing a singer simply because she sang at Trump’s inauguration.  This type of selective discrimination, rampant in academia, is as wrong as any arising from race, religion or sexual preference.  The First Amendment rights of speech and association are not a right to discriminate, however the Left continues to do so based purely on political persuasions they disagree with.

By signing an Executive Order defunding politically discriminatory educational institutions, President Trump could at least begin to end this problem.

I’m sure you can anticipate my second proposal.  That is, again by Executive Order, require that two-thirds of all federal employee hires have to be ideologically conservative until similar balance is achieved.  As with the prior proposal, no new laws have to be introduced through Congress, this is something President Trump could do on his own through Executive Order to begin to heal the rampant discrimination that is also demonstrably present in the federal workforce.



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