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If you still have doubts about how rigged everything in the U.S. is or if you have any questions regarding whether we live in a feudal system allow this latest report from Mark Dice to dispel any questions you may have. The 0.01% that own all the important real estate and all the multi-national corporations don’t like it when their stories are questioned and the truth begins to surface.

I have said for about a year that hitlery will be the next person to occupy the White House. She was selected no later than 2014 and quiet possibly as early as 2011, if not before. She has been a good little foot soldier doing the bidding of her masters and she is going to be rewarded for her efforts with being the first woman “president” of the country formerly known as the United States.

This is absolute confirmation, for me, that hitlery’s health is an issue and damn-the-torpedos full steam ahead!! It appears the White House is going to become the next chapter of Weekend at Bernie’s.

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