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The cuckery has reached a fevered pitch and the democratic party, in what can only be construed as a traumatic emotional breakdown on an institutional level, are throwing the gauntlet down here and now by sending out the so called ‘spiritual center’ of the party, Congressman John Lewis — declaring Trump ‘illegitimate’ because (wait for it) MUH RUSSIANS.

It has been an absolute blitzkrieg of U.S. intelligence leaks and disinformation, all designed to damage the incoming President — coordinated by uniparty shills in both the republican and democratic parties.

Here’s Chuck Todd, channeling Ceasar Flickerman’s disingenuous and overly dramatic cadence from the movie The Hunger Games, interviewing  Congressman John Lewis — who said he would not be attending the inauguration because the Russians hacked John Podesta’s email box and revealed the democratic party was an organization rife with both corruption and criminality at the highest levels. These revelations must’ve been the difference between electoral college winship and bitter defeat, obviously.

Charles Krauthammer, hardly a Trump fan, calls bullshit on all of these events — suggesting a conspiracy to diminish the office of the President is at hand.

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