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Colorado Springs sewers are safe thanks to Peterson Air Force Base, which accidentally dumped 150,000 gallons of toxic chemicals into them.

The toxic firefighting chemicals, called perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) were released from a tank and the dump wasn’t noticed for almost a week. The water passed through the Colorado Springs Utilities wastewater treatment plant but apparently went right through the plant before anyone became aware of it. From there it made it’s way to Fountain Creek before heading towards the Arkansas River downstream to the south.

Although there are claims that the dump didn’t make it to the drinking water supply, The Denver Post reported back in July that there were elevated levels of cancer in people living south of the base and that levels of PFC’s in the drinking water supply were higher than the levels set by the EPA, that illustrious watchdog who is always there to protect us.

If that was in July, what will the levels be like with an extra 150,000 gallons of the same chemicals added to the mix?

Speaking about the current leak, utilities spokesman Steve Berry said:

“Even if we would have been able to head it off at the plant, we’re not equipped. I don’t know of any wastewater plants in the country equipped to remove PFCs. We would not have been able to remove that chemical before it was discharged back into the environment from our effluent.” (source)

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