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How do you purposely destroy a civilization? You destroy the culture that embodies that civilization, for one. There are other methods, including dumbing down the population, through indoctrination of children and not giving them the tools (education) they need to be thinking human beings. Another method would be to hollow out the economic heartland in a particular civilization by removing its industries. Yet another method is to bring in massive amounts of immigrants who have only lived in a completely different culture, who refuse to assimilate. If these methods sound vaguely familiar, it is because they are all being used to destroy Western Culture.

Paul Joseph Watson, in this interview by Stefan Molyneux, discusses the degradation of art and architecture, as a means of destroying a culture. So-called “modern” art and architecture are boring, lacking in any real skill, but mostly they lack any sense of beauty. The human psyche yearns for beauty. Beauty is not wholly subjective, as the “progressives” like to proclaim. There is an objective component that is easily recognized by all. Beauty inspires. It doesn’t bore, or degrade. A few colored lines on a canvas is not art. It inspires no one. Western culture is being degraded by the faux artists, and their “progressive” promoters. Hollywood is declining because they are producing Social Justice diatribes, not quality art or entertainment.

If we are to free humanity from the mediocrity of Utopian group think, we must first recognize how that group think is destroying the fabric of our society, just as we must recognize that the education system has purposely dumbed down students, and the media has been manipulating us for decades. It is time for us to think for ourselves; not to be passive receptors of the group think that the Globalist, progressive, Utopian minions present to us as education, art, architecture and entertainment.

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