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The locations and scope of DUMBS or Deep Underground Military Bases are a well kept government secret. Of course most people have heard of NORAD’S command and control center within Cheyenne Mountain. But what about the lesser known, but rumored to exist underground complexes the deep state has built over the decades? Rumors have been flying around for years about the labyrinth below the mysterious and Masonic Denver airport, where underground construction appears to be going on to this very day. And what about other huge public works projects like the tunnel at Cumberland Gap where tens of millions of dollars and two gigantic nuclear containment vessels simply vanished? Is the secret government of the United States and the world elite preparing to move underground while leaving the rest of us to die off as the Georgia Guidestones suggest? Researcher Sofia Smallstorm joins us to shed some light on these topics – as we explore the Deep State and their deep underground bases. Support Sofia by visiting her online store here: Avatar Products.

Also, as mentioned in this interview, here’s the link to the conversation with Joseph P. Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts about the deep state and The Breakaway Civilization

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