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(Be sure to read ’till the end.)

By Earick Ward  November 2, 2017

As America’s Civil War is being re-litigated, do not the conditions for our next great struggle appear at hand?

Father against son?  Brother against brother?  Right against left?

The tension is palpable.  The rhetoric, from both sides, is ratcheting up to a fever pitch.  Short of some type of intervention, the tension, the rhetoric could turn to bloodshed.

While most of my conservative friends don’t seek this pursuit, they note that they will not shy away from defending their families, their homes, their values, and their country.  They also note that, as historic defenders of our Second Amendment right, they are prepared to go to war if it comes to it.  While these facts are true, let me suggest that in this coming battle, we lose, even if we win.

The (hard) left wants war.  The leftists’ attempts to divide us (Americans) by race, class, ideology are tactical.  They want for us to hate each other.  America’s experiment of liberty and self-rule stands in the way of their re-imposing authoritarian control over our populace, subsequently bringing about the long sought after one-world (Marxist) government.  Hate and strife are strong motivators.  If one can be convinced that “that rich man didn’t build that,” the logical conclusion is that what he has should be mine, and if government is not going to redistribute his stuff to me, then I am within my rights to take it by force.


Why do we lose?  We, today, are America.  All of us.  We are a nation founded on self-rule, protected by our ideals and our Constitution.  As self-rulers, we exist because we deem it so.  If and when we reach the point that we are literally at each other’s throats, we are no longer a nation, but warring factions, set on a course toward imminent destruction.

The left’s desire for a second Civil War is but a precursor for their attempts to have the U.N. deem that our Constitution is not the defense against war, but its cause.  The oppressed will clamor for justice.  The oppressors will be deemed enemies of mankind.  The American left and its globalist counterparts will announce that the American experiment has failed.

Yes, we will still have our guns, and we individually will still work to protect our families and our values, but our nation will be inexorably changed.  This is a win for the left.

The answer, then, is portrayed in the epic 1980s movie War Games
“Strange game Professor. The only winning move is not to play.”


The left is working overtime to incite America’s Second Civil War.  While it might seem tempting to take on Antifa’s pajama boys, take caution: this is exactly what they want.  

In fact, don’t be surprised to see a false flag-type event this weekend, structured to give the Antifas the moral high ground.

Our victory comes from not playing the left’s game.

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