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Years ago, if you were an attractive female known within the circle of sexual predator Bill Clinton you would eventually find yourself escorted to a hotel room by an Arkansas state trooper where the former Governor would meet you wearing nothing but a creepy smile demanding you perform a sex act on him.

Just ask Paula Jones, she settled a case with Bill Clinton with a $850,000 payout.

Other women have come forward with identical stories.

Here is an inebriated Bill Clinton during his 1992 Presidential campaign groping a flight attendant.

Bill Clinton, on the same flight, exposed himself and grabbed flight attendant Christy Zercher’s breasts after asking her to perform a sex act on him.

She was later threatened by White House attorney Bruce Lindsey to keep quiet.

This is the very same behavior Donald Trump is being accused of, except Bill Clinton actually did it.

This secretive behavior continued until the Monica Lewinsky scandal blew it wide open.

All the while Hillary served as an attack dog, threatening the victims.

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