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The decision to invade Iraq was not a bad decision for those who chose to make it. It was a brilliant decision for those who wanted to make billions from the blood of dead women and children. It will only have been a bad decision for them if, in a better world, Bush, Cheyney, Wolfowitz and others are tried in a just court for crimes against humanity, found guilty and are hung by the neck until dead.

For those who mock only the idiot progressives, why not add the villanous neocon AngloZionists who lied us into that war. They are the ones that destroyed our Constitutional rights. CIA/AID Barry and the boys only carried on the Clinton crime family and Bush crime family usurpations. Unless you’re a wheezing gasper, condemn them all. Bush senior began it with his announcement of a “NEW WORLD ORDER” at the UN in 1991. Don Trump has shown that his new world order is merely new whirled ordure, that is, fresh stirred shit.


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