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Syrian and Russian forces are committed to liberate eastern Aleppo areas still controlled by US-supported terrorists – al Nusra and various death squad groups masquerading as moderates.

Bombing intensity decreased to let civilians and terrorists willing to cease fighting leave embattled areas. At the same time, Russian and Syrian forces continue efforts to protect noncombatant lives – no easy task with US-supported terrorists using them as human shields.

Winning the battle for Aleppo is strategically important – key to making Syria’s liberation possible, but by no means certain as long as Washington intends endless war for regime change, the reason Obama launched it in the first place.

So what’s possibly coming before his tenure ends, ahead of Hillary’s ascension to power, looking increasingly likely?

Given America’s history of false flags, is something major planned as a pretext for escalated conflict, Pentagon and so-called “coalition” warplanes targeting Syria’s military, maybe terror-bombing Damascus – to ravage the city and try killing Assad?

Russian and Chinese vetoes prevent Security Council authorization for what America hopes to achieve. Diplomacy doesn’t work. Washington consistently undermines Moscow’s good faith conflict resolution efforts.

So what’s left? Escalated war appears the sole remaining option – unless Washington abandons its regime change plans, about as likely as balmy Chicago winter weather.

Hillary’s likely ascension to power assures virtually no chance for resolving things diplomatically – Russia and America intractably apart on policies.

Washington wants regime change, Syrian sovereignty destroyed, US-controlled puppet governance replacing democratic rule.

Russia supports Syrian sovereign independence, its territorial integrity, and right of its people alone to choose its ruling authority, free from foreign interference.

Compromise isn’t coming. Washington wants its demands met. Cooperation with Russia on resolving things responsibly is out of the question, both countries only agreeing on keeping their warplanes from clashing – so far but for how long?

With irreconcilable differences unresolved at a time war goddess Hillary’s ascension to power appears likely, expect escalated war coming, risking direct US/Russia confrontation.

Whether a major false flag initiates things or some other US dirty trick, expect the worst ahead – flashpoint Syria perhaps igniting explosive global war, risking use of nuclear weapons and possible mass annihilation.

That’s the all-too-real threat of supporting Hillary, an unapologetic neocon, lunatic fringe war goddess.

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