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Suspending ABC News Reporter Brian Ross Over Misreporting? | brain-ross | Mainstream Media Politics Propaganda

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Suspending him had nothing to do with falsifying a report on Trump and Michael Flynn, everything to do with getting caught red-handed, causing a furor at the same time – the network uncomfortable about making news about its fake news reporting.

All Western media operate the same way – disinformation, Big Lies and fake news standard practice on major issues, especially geopolitical ones, notably covering US-dominated NATO imperial wars of aggression, claiming they’re liberating ones, along with anything relating to Trump and Russia.

Ross is ABC’s chief investigative reporter, suspended for four weeks without pay – a meaningless slap on the wrist.

He falsely claimed former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn would testify that candidate Trump directed him to make contact with Russia – his disinformation report typical of how Western media operate, why I call them scoundrels.

They suppress vital news, information, and analysis everyone has a right to know, operating as press agents for wealth, power and privilege, sanitizing their print, on air and online reporting.

What’s not reported is most important of all – why it’s suppressed.

In testimony given special council Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt inquiry, Flynn explained president-elect (not candidate) Trump instructed him to contact Russia, aiming to initiate a process for improving relations.

It was undermined by false accusations of Kremlin interference in America’s electoral process, along with phony claims of “Russian aggression” in Ukraine and nonexistent threats against other countries.

The fabricated Russiagate case hinges on proving illegal or improper Trump team collusion with Moscow during the presidential campaign. Not a shred of evidence suggests it.

Post-election, presidents and administration officials have direct contacts with numerous countries – part of their jobs, the way most nations operate.

ABC News retracted the story when caught red-handed lying. Otherwise, it would have stood as misreported.

Ross is no outlier. All establishment on air and print reporters operate the same way – suppressing hard truths on vital issues, lying to viewers and readers, what they’re instructed to do.

Suspending Ross for four weeks was laughable. He’ll be back in short order to misreport again. If he and others like him diverged from the official narrative, they’d be fired and replaced straightaway.

Western media lack credibility, alternative sources the only reliable ones, especially online, reporting real news, information and analysis – the antidote to media scoundrels’ misreporting.

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