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When most people catch the common cold, they drive to the local pharmacy and stock up on drugs packed with chemicals.

But an ever-increasing number of Americans are trying all-natural remedies, and as we’ll discover on today’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, a lot of those remedies are already in your kitchen!

Our guest is Laurie Neverman, a seasoned homesteader and author, and the creator of the popular blog Common Sense Home. Laurie has tested numerous home remedies and tells us what actually works.

Laurie also tells us:

  • How elderberries can keep you healthy all season.
  • Which powerful kitchen ingredients every homesteader should store for winter.
  • What she does when she gets a cough, sore throat or congestion.
  • How cinnamon and apple cider vinegar can help you get better when you’re sick.

If you’re battling the cold, or you simply want to be prepared for the next illness, then this week’s show is for you!


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