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Following an unexpected plunge in China’s trade balance (to 6 month lows), US equity futures and USDJPY are tumbling as Yuan turmoil ripples through markets once again.

Misses across the board in China trade data…

  • China Yuan Exports -5.6% YoY (exp. +2.5%)
  • China Yuan Imports +2.2% YoY (exp. +5.5%)
  • China Trade Balance 278.35bn (exp. 364.5bn)
  • China USD Exports -10.0% (exp. -3.3%)
  • China USD Imports -1.9% (exp. +0.6%)
  • China USD Trade balance 41.99bn (exp. 53.00bn)


Sparked chaotic trading in Yuan as offshore selling pressure accelerated post Golden Week…

And spread to USDJPY and implicity US equity futures…

USDJPY dropped a whole big figure erasing the gains of the day…

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