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The “Star Gate” program was, and still may be, very real

(INTELLIHUB) — A memorandum dated June 20, 1995, from the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Director of Research and Development with the subject line: “Star Gate — Program Status, Proposed Options” was hand delivered to the agency’s Executive Director as a follow up to the under-the-radar transfer of the ‘Star Gate program SG-1A’ on June 1, 1995 to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) making SG-1A fully dark.

The memo made the program sound like a failure. It asked that the details of the then old program become declassified to appease the general public and even mentioned how the program was repackaged.

The new CIA Program (CIAP) was kicked offed with a $500,000 slush fund and came with 10 civilian billets (i.e. civilian safe houses where up the 10 Star Gate teams would eventually operate from).

The DIA’s version of the Star Gate program used remote viewers as admitted in the memo.

DIA remote viewers don’t actually physically travel through a stargate per se but rather view events, past, present, and future, remotely through what’s known as a ‘viewing session,’ almost like a lucid dream but much more vivid.

During a viewing session the viewer is typically provided a sealed envelop containing a 3×5 card in it with instructions and coordinates of the target as other declassified CIA documents reveal.

However, it’s believed that the CIA intensified and weaponized the program to allow for physical transfers through actual stargates, as seen in the hit TV series “Stargate SG-1.” The show Stargate SG-1 is nothing more than predictive programming to hide the above top secret reality in plain sight.

Aside from speculation, what we do know is that the CIA was testing remote viewing since the 1970’s, two-and-a-half decades before the agency acquired the DIA program in 1995, and three-and-a-half decades before ‘Stargate teams,’ such as the Army 9-Line Response Team “Stargate 13” and others were identified to be on patrol in Iraq in 2005.

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