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The media and the establishment are having a public orgy in our post-privacy era, the old rules shed haphazardly on a highly questionable shag rug.  Who knew that ten-year-old videos still had the magic!

But first, much of this is not interesting at all, unless you just arrived on the planet a few minutes ago:

1) Men competing with other men, in boardrooms and locker rooms, golf courses and bars, by exaggerating their past, and imagining their futures with women they don’t have, can’t get and don’t deserve, using bad language, idiom, and imagery.

2)  Our culture (western, or American specifically) degraded to an extent that we have and do accept this kind of language, and attitudes, in public and private.  For the past two decades, we have raised kids on video games and entertainment where they practice demeaning and abusing women, as well as everyone else.   It’s the new normal.  Fake safe zones and trigger warnings don’t apply.

3) Government schools at all levels doing a good job of teaching our children how to bully and betray friends, and encouraging confessions of all things to the state in return for a nice pat on the head.

4)  Flawed men and women everywhere on earth, with the accepted theory being “Mistakes were made.”  People running for political office being particularly flawed, sociopathic, criminal and amoral.  A fact so common it bores.

5)  Large rubbernecking swathes of Americans, atomized, disconnected commuters on the interstate of life, deeply enjoying a good car wreck.

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Predictable stuff aside, some of this is intriguing.

  1. The pace of the deep state destruction of Donald Trump has become frenetic, even desperate. The rapid defection of erstwhile Republican supporters reveals much – in part that this defection was not rapid at all, but that many Republicans like most Democrats in the great federal cities throughout the empire have long feared any imagined disruption of the gravy train.  Ron Paul knows.
  2. Large numbers of proclaimed Christians or otherwise “good people” seem to think that a president makes a difference in the problems that honestly plague them. This is a question, both of what actually plagues them, as well as of their tendencies to idol worship a party and a candidate. Their passion for having a candidate that shares their confusion and questionable “virtue” is populism in play.  Of course, the other party has the same kind of thing going on.   Yet, 330 million people in the country cannot be led by a single human, nor can they ever be controlled by one.  The exceptional popularity of VP candidate Pence within the party, an evangelical who distrusts peace and liberty, has many “Christians” secretly praying for an assassination, character or otherwise.
  3. This media frenzy was great advertising for Sunday’s debate. I can’t imagine that this worked in tottering Hillary’s favor, no matter how doped up she was.  Her zingers were fun, and her strategy of poking the hornet’s nest in hopes of sending a sputtering Donald off the edge always entertains.  The controlled “uncontrolled” audience was also fun to watch.
  4. The great movie Idiocracy is being rereleased in theaters! Sadly, we don’t need it anymore, because we are watching it play out now in real/fake life.

karen head shot benchThe real news of what endangers us remains hidden from sight.  The infamous war and welfare state sponsor known as the Federal Reserve, the crony capitalism that drives that war and the welfare state, and the continuing economic decline for most Americans, especially newly retired people with heavy debt and newly graduated people with heavy debt, has its own tottering and sputtering competitive dynamic.

Yesterday, I was scheduled to read the 4th Article of the Constitution at a constitution reading event, part of a GOP Trump rally in my hometown.  I had to pass on Article 4 because I had a Skype interview with RT.  It was a good trade.  The Constitution refers to a Republic, and we don’t have one of those anymore.  It was nice to be able to talk instead about what the warring empires, ours and others, are doing to actual people, who just want to live their lives and solve their own problems.

Certainly, Republicans are confused, and no matter what happens in November, they will be disappointed.  Happily, the status quo and deep state players are also confused.  Barring some very well-executed vote fraud, they actually don’t know who will be elected in November and this hasn’t happened in a while.  What fun!

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