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Just 90 minutes after today’s strong 3Y auction, moments ago the Treasury sold $20 billion in a 10Y reopening of Cusip 2R0, which saw nothing short of blistering demand at both the close and through the internals. The high yield of 2.346% stopped through the When Issued by 0.2bps, or 2.348%, the first non-tailing 10Y auction since March 2017. This was also the highest yield for 10Y paper since the May 2017 auction.

But while the break in tailing auctions was notable, the internals were even more impressive: the bid to cover of 2.54 soared from last auction’s 2.28, and was above the 2.39 six auction average. Direct Bidders were awarded 6% of the auction, same as September, and right on top of the 6M moving average, however it was the Indirects where the firework were, as foreign buyers took down a whopping 69.1%, which was not only 14% higher than September, but was the highest since January’s 70.5%, and just shy of all time highs. Dealers were left holding just 24.9% of the 10Y auction, the lowest since March.

Overall, a very solid effort, one which confirms that no matter what happens to the macro picture, foreigns will jump at the first opportunity to bid up US 10Y paper when it approaches the recent resistance of 2.40%.

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