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I’m sure the Washington Post is ruing the day that one of their retarded interns suggested weaponizing the term ‘fake news’ as a way to discredit independent media. Clearly, they were unaware of the long lasting ramifications — as they now hang from their own petard.

Last night, CNN’s Don Lemon brought a panel of guests to discuss the costs to protect the first family, in this case glossing over 8 years filled with exorbitant family vacations for the Obamas, which included Michelle’s mother and a troupe of people that cost the American people in excess of $85m, instead focusing in on Trump’s 3 weeks worth of golf outings where he entertained foreign dignitaries.

So Lemon was having a gay olde time, sashaying from one cucked guest to the next — until he reached PARIS DENNARD, who calmly dismissed Lemon’s segment as yet another episode of fake news — which caused Lemon to melt down, saying ‘STOP SAYING FAKE NEWS.’

Hilarious. Watch.

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