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By B.N. Frank

“Selfies” have become so popular that in 2014 they actually received their own “National Selfie Day.”  Unfortunately, “Selfie Wrist” – injuries sustained by taking too many selfies – came along with it.  Increasing reports of “Selfie Wrist” are making the rounds again just a few months after Kim Kardashian-West was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and ordered to stop taking them of herself.  Fortunately Mrs. Kardashian-West can afford to pay an assistant to now handle this task for her.  Everyone else will have to find another way.

“Smart” Phones can be great tools.  Unfortunately when used excessively they can cause a wide variety of health issues in addition to “Selfie Wrist.” These include Premature Skin Aging, “Text Neck,” Screen Addiction, Macular Degeneration and Blindness, Insomnia, Anxiety, Brain Cancer, Damage, Tumors, and more.

Many of these conditions are caused or worsened by exposure to blue light, wireless WiFi radiation, and other Electromagnetic Fields emitted by “Smart” Phones as well as other digital, wireless, and electronic devices, products, and infrastructure.  Because of all of this, it only makes sense that the people who design this technology – Silicon Valley parents – have been going to expensive and extreme measures to prevent their own kids from using and being exposed to these devices and products.  It’s recently been reported that they even spy on their nannies and make them sign “no screens” contracts.

Research has also been reported that people who take a lot of selfies are more likely to be narcissists who may also suffer from other mental health issues.  Of course, narcissists are unlikely to give a flying fig about what researchers or anyone else has to say about them or their “Selfies” habit.

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