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by John Hayward, Breitbart:

Former Secret Service officer Gary J. Byrne, author of Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Dailyto discuss the state of the presidential race after the second debate.

Byrne began by saying he “couldn’t disagree with Glenn Beck more” about the radio host’s proclamation that voting for Hillary Clinton was a more moral choice than voting for Donald Trump.

“Voting for Hillary Clinton is, to me, a complete mistake, and here’s why: I started out in the U.S. Air Force. I had to pass a battery of tests to get to the point where, in the U.S. Air Force, I was allowed to protect our nuclear arsenal. I then went on to become a Secret Service uniformed division officer for 12 years, where I had to take a polygraph test. In eight out of those twelve years, I protected the Clintons, and the Hillary Clinton I know is a complete pathological liar,” he said.

“Really, if you’re honest with yourself and you pay attention to some of the politics that goes on, you’ve seen this yourself,” said Byrne. “She never displays any kind of leadership. I cite many examples in my book where she gets so angry, she has the people that work for her, they’re terrified of her.”

He recounted a story from Crisis of Character about “these three women who came up from Arkansas with her. They knew the Clintons. The one lady worked with her at the Rose Law Firm, and she knew that Mrs. Clinton’s anger became so ferocious that she immediately started demanding people would get fired.”

“In the incident that I’m talking about, these women made a mistake ordering some stationery, and I saw them talking about it,” he continued. “They really looked like they were afraid of something. I thought something was wrong, somebody was sick. And they explained to me what happened, that they had inadvertently allowed an intern to order some stationery, and the girl had made a mistake, so they had tens of thousands of copies of these invitations to the White House that were worth a lot of money, that were useless. And they weren’t worried about the wasted taxpayer dollars. They were worried about who was gonna tell Hillary Clinton because they knew somebody was getting fired and sent back to Arkansas.”

“That’s just one example of her incredible anger toward people,” said Byrne. “She got so angry one time, she hit a Secret Service agent in the back of the head with a bible, sitting in a limousine. You just can’t explain that away. And when you put that together with what we’ve seen today, she is completely inept when it comes to leadership.”

“One day, I was standing at my post outside the Oval Office. It was during Christmastime, and they were decorating,” he recalled. “There was a group of women that had come up from Arkansas, volunteers to help decorate the White House. This is common, people come from all over the world. Mrs. Clinton was going to have a meeting with them over in the mansion, and they were going to come over to the Oval Office, and she was going to give them a tour and let them take pictures in the Oval Office. The President wasn’t there at the time. So her staff member comes over, and tells me what they’re gonna do, and she says, ‘When we’re done, we’ll be leaving them here, and Mrs. Clinton and I will be leaving and going to do something else.’”

“I said, ‘Someone else is going to have to escort them out of here; they can’t stay here.’ She said, ‘Oh, no, they’ll be staying here until we come back and get them.’ And I said, ‘You can’t do that.’ Now, these aren’t Gary’s rules. These aren’t the Secret Service’s rules. These are rules based on national security law. This is very important for your listeners to understand,” Byrne stressed. “She had started shirking these rules about national security way before the email server. She didn’t want to hear anything about what the rules and the laws were, to protect the President’s Oval Office and the information in it.”

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