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With opening comments barely underway, several protesters have already been escorted out of Senator Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing. 

The first interruption came from these lovely gentemen who, dressed in KKK garb, shouted “White people don’t get arrested…white people own this country” as they were quickly escorted by police off the premises.

“You can’t arrest me, I’m white.  White people don’t get arrested.  What do we have to do, wait for the inauguration?”

“You can not take me out of here.  White people own this country.”

And here is another angle of the madness, where one protester attributes his interruption to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Senator Sessions is a racist and he will only continue racist policies.  We need to listen to Black Lives Matter.”

Meanwhile, this young lady insists that you just “say no to the Trump fascist regime.”

“Say no to the Trump fascist regime.  We have to stop these motherfucking pigs from getting into power.”

“You’re a pig!  Stop these fascist pigs from getting into power.”

And here is another compilation of the madness so far:

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