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There could be no denial of the fact that over the last couple of years anti-American sentiment across the globe have been on the rise. And even though Western corporate media sources are trying to push the blame on Russian journalists, they alone could hardly ever achieve such effect.

Today a typical list of accusations against the US about it invading the states like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, has been expanded by the claims that Washington has been sponsoring terrorists and exporting weapons to the countries supporting radical militants.

The US presidential campaign, that has been riddled with scandals and delusional statements has clearly demonstrated that there’s something fundamentally wrong with the “American style-democracy.”

As it’s been noted by The American Spectator voters these days no equality before the law in America. What we’ve witnessed in recent years is incompatible with the values of the Founders who promoted idea of inalienable rights, and the backlash among voters has been boldly shown in this presidential election There is a growing resentment of the “political class,” and an increased distrust -. and even fear – of government. Unfortunately, there appears to be ample justification for this feeling. Fear of corruption in government far outpaced fears of terrorism, financial insecurity, and the illness or death of a loved one. Many Americans now see government not as the keepers of justice and peace, not as servants of the people, but as a corrupt entity.

The frustration is further aggravated by the dissatisfaction of 41% of the US population with the way the Obama administration is addressing the most pressing problems of the population, as it has been shown by the latest Gallup poll. In addition, the growing anti-American sentiments in the regions affected by Washington’s aggressive policies (in particular, in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America), resulted in the universal hatred of the United States in the states that originally had sympathy towards Washington.

A vivid example of this development is Ukraine, which the White House has been governing over the last couple of years as if it was a 51st US state, appointing the government of this state, while making all the important decisions instead of it.

According to the self-exiled Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, that is finding refuge in Austria now, “the Ukrainians will soon realize that all of their troubles – bitter taxes, unemployment, and all the reforms that failed have been brought upon them by the United States. And when they do, there will be no nation will hate America more than Ukraine in the whole world. It’s only a matter of time. “

The international human rights organization known as Human Rights Action (HRA) has recently published the report that displayed the migration numbers that shocked Kiev. Since the beginning of this year, more than three million Ukrainian citizens have moved to Russia. The vast majority of those fleeing their homeland are migrant workers wishing to obtain a work permission in Russia. Experts predict that by the middle of 2017 the number of people leaving Ukraine would increase by at least 50%.

However, those leaving Ukraine are not just migrant workers. The protracted armed crackdown on the ethnic Russian population in the east of the country has become a breeding ground for all sorts of militants, that are now trying to escape the ever-deepening economic, social and financial crisis in Ukraine. These people have been disillusioned by the West and are willing to do all kind of “work” for various extremist and terrorist organizations for a moderate pay. These militants are now capable to launch all sorts of terrorist attack both in the US and in Europe.

They won’t find it difficult to get their hands on all sorts of weapons, since the Kiev forces have been illegally shipping everything they could sell to terrorists to the most distant parts of the world, as it has been reported by various Western media sources, including Reuters.

Over the past year the Internet has been filled with reports that ISIS has been infiltrating the territory of modern Ukraine, where terrorist groups have been establishing training camps, storage facilities, while actively recruiting new members. This fact, in particular, was stressed by the representatives of the Crimean administration at a meeting with 11 French parliamentarians, led by a deputy of the National Assembly, Thierry Mariani last July. In a situation with Ukraine a special role in supporting terrorist played by local radical Islamist organizations, mainly consisting of the Crimean Tatars, who, under the leadership of Mustafa Dzhemilev and Lenur Islyamova, are using the connivance of the lawlessness that reigns in Modern Ukraine to establish a new wing of ISIS.


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