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(INTELLIHUB) — Both the Department of Homeland Security and James Clapper Jr., the Director of National Intelligence, released statements late week claiming that they had sufficient evidence which shows the Russian government stole DNC emails before later leaking them to Wikileaks and other websites worldwide.

The statements maintained that the leaked emails “are intended to interfere with the U.S. election process.”

However, keep in mind that this comes as top Establishment figureheads, like President Barack Obama and the former Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton, have never been so unpopular with the general populace and may have motive to push such a narrative with the mainline press while simultaneously trying to establish a foothold in Syria.

Additionally it’s fair to point out that tensions with Russia have not been higher in years and that media outlets worldwide are already ramping up rhetoric of a coming nuclear war.

Moreover, U.S. forces recently conducted a bombing test run in the Nevada dessert using faux nuclear weaponry.

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