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Over the weekend, it was supposed to be just another gun buyback event for San Francisco police, but that wasn’t the case at all.

In total, 280 firearms were exchanged for cash by officers, however, one individual took advantage of the “ask no questions” policy and handed over an M136 AT4 Anti-tank rocket launcher.

Yes, a rocket launcher, this deadly device is made by Saab and it’s used to blow up heavily armored tanks.

A picture on social media has surfaced showing one confused officer looking down at the weapon. Apparently, he is having flashbacks to the final shootout scene in Rambo IV.

In the first 30 minutes of the gun buyback event, 83 guns were turned into authorities

Progressing 90-minutes into the gun buyback event, 142 guns were turned in plus the rocket launcher

In all, “271 guns, rifles, and assault weapons” and let’s not forget the rocket launcher were turned into San Francisco police…

San Francisco police and United Playaz, a violence prevention group, hosted the event on Saturday, which officers exchanged firearms for cash on an anonymous basis. Individuals who turned in a handgun received $100 or $2oo for an assault rifle. There are mixed reports regarding how much the SFPD forked out for the rocket launcher.

“I am not against the Second Amendment but I am against senseless gun violence,” said United Playaz executive director Rudi Corpuz Jr.

What about senseless rocket launchers on the streets of San Francisco? A discussion that is rarely spoken about…

A United Playaz event organizer told SFGate that December is a great time for gun buybacks programs, as the broke consumer has to decide between the right to bear arms or extra cash for holiday shopping.

Internet sleuths voiced their concerns speculating that the AT4 is a “training aid” and the SFPD should not have paid more than $15 for the device.

The one question we ask: how does someone conceal a rocket launcher on the streets of San Francisco? 

* * *

Nevertheless, here is the AT4 in action…

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