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A local news reporter recently stated Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service prohibited flash photography at the second presidential debate for fear it may trigger her “seizure disorder.”

“This is the reason it was banned apparently,” PIX 11 reporter Kristin Cole said on air while taking a selfie with a disposable camera. “Because Secret service did not trust people to disable the flashes on their cameras.”

Cole went on: “And they were afraid it would sort of inspire Hillary’s seizure disorder, that she would have a problem with that again.”

In a subsequent report, New York’s PIX11 retracted the reporter’s comments saying the statements “were not based on fact but on speculation.”

“Both her comments about the photography ban and Clinton’s health were not based on fact but on speculation. PIX11 regrets the error,” the CW network affiliate wrote Tuesday.

“The comments were made during an unscripted exchange, which has circulated online since it aired, featuring Cole and news anchors discussing the ban on flash photography at the debate.”

Cole’s purported error follows months of speculation that Hillary suffers from Parkinson’s or a similar disease and experiences seizures from flashing lights, as revealed by a Secret Service agent to Infowars in August.

Back in September Clinton was also seen wearing blue-tinted glasses similar to those worn by victims of epileptic seizures – shortly before she collapsed at the 15th memorial for the 9/11 victims.

“Epileptic patients often wear Zeiss Z1 blue lenses in particular because they are effective at treating photosensitive epilepsy,” wrote Kit Daniels.

While she claims to have misspoken, Cole’s remarks do nothing to help the Clinton campaign battle rumors of Clinton’s ill health.

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