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While America avoided having another Redneck (or in honor of Bill Clinton should we say ‘HillBilly’ ) in the White House, there’s big Redneck karma for America as millions of Rednecks went out and voted for Trump, many of whom never voted before in their lives, many of whom can’t read.  Certainly this didn’t alone get Trump elected, but it didn’t hurt.  And they sho feel praud!

With a Trump president and a Republican President second, the government will generally cut back on entitlement programs.  Rednecks shouldn’t be worried about this, it’s just time to get creative!  Study this guide, you’ll need it to invest if you don’t meet the ECP requirements to qualify for any decent managed investments.  As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies – in the case of Forex, rules have made investing in Forex strategies that never lose and other good strategies, nearly impossible for the average investor (try, $5 Million minimums).

1) FREE TROLLING (Not “Freefallin”)

Troll for freebies, giveaways, free product samples, free books, free ebooks, free money!  There’s a number of places to start, such as a site like this that lists places you can simply get stuff for free:  

Try as a strategy – ask vendors for free stuff!  Just a small author experience, was in the Asian Market and the checkout guy (looked like the owner, but hard to tell in such places) gave me a free “Chinese Tomato.”  Yes, there is such a thing as a FREE LUNCH – especially in Forex trading.

2) Join contests & sweepstakes

Often when you buy products, they will enter your chance to win $2,000 or something.  But if you read the fine print, there’s no purchase necessary!  There’s literally thousands of contests, se

If you ARE going to do this, beware of scams, spam, and other junk associated with it.  Here’s a good article as a starting point.

3) Free products for product reviews

This takes some time to get setup but when it works, it works good!  You’ll need an Amazon account (free) and you will need some activity.  Many new sellers will give away their products simply for a fair and honest review.  You can contact Amazon sellers if they will do this or have a program.  What they will want in return, is your fair and honest review, and you must state at the end of the review, that you received this product in exchange for the review.  (read the entire review below, see the part about ‘I received this fabulous portfolio free for testing and review.)  You can find such products on just look for any product with many reviews, look the 5 star reviews.

In case you didn’t catch them, checkout part 2 and part 1 of our series, Redneck Investin’ – for those who can’t afford a 401k, we explain what is ‘401 keg.’

Get your free-on, at

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