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Rubio thinks he can appease the mob by pledging to “take [a] right away.” (CNN YouTube screen capture)

“I absolutely believe that in this country if you are 18 years of age, you should not be able to buy a rifle, and I will support a law that takes that right away,” Sen. Marco Rubio pandered to an inflamed mob at a CNN “town hall meeting,” drawing applause from a crowd that for the most part would never vote for him in a million years, no matter how many gun owners he betrays. And he wasn’t done throwing those that trusted him with political power under the bus, also offering up a “bump stock” ban, prior restraint disarmament orders and a willingness to put a normal capacity magazine ban on the table. That and he’s dead set on keeping schools “gun-free zones,” nixing any plan to recognize the right of teachers who so choose to keep and bear arms.

So naturally it was in CNN’s interest to portray this poltroon, who by his own words doesn’t understand what a right is and that no one has legitimate authority to take any away, as “a staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights.”  Getting low-information viewers to swallow that lie allows them to portray anyone who opposes serial surrenders as an “extremist,” and with just a bit more media conflation, as a fascist and a hater.

And Rubio is hardly alone. Donald Trump has now thrown his hat in the “Ban semi-auto rifles for anyone under 21” ring. It’s fair to wonder, with the green light given him by NRA on “Fix NICS” and “bump stocks,” if his contention that “The NRA will back it and so will Congress” means any vocal opposition from Fairfax will be for show, and at the end of the day members will be fed a load of “Who else do you have to vote for?”

It’s also fair to wonder how anyone with judgment so impaired they’re too young to own a semi-auto could be considered mature enough to vote, to contract, to parent, to cohabit or marry, to join the military and deploy with actual “in common use at the time” ordnance,” or to make any of the daily adult choices expected of a free citizen. Instead, we see a “progressive” law professor making the case—as amplified by CNN, to lower the voting age to 16.

Time was, that would have been considered “the yeomanry of America,” but that’s not what they have in mind. Anybody remember “Wild in the Streets”?

Never ones to let a crisis they contribute to go to waste, CNN has resurrected a video from Bryant Gumbel showing a 13-year-old buying a bolt-action .22 from a private collector at  a Virginia gun show. What is it with CNN and scripts, or with gun-grabbers using actors?

“The HBO clip has resurfaced following a deadly school shooting in Florida,” The Daily Mail “reports.”  All by its own self, no doubt. And it’s being used to show minors can’t buy cigarettes, scratch-offs and porn, but it’s open season on children  and unrestricted gun sales.

First, consider the source. We’re talking about someone who calls us “pigs.” They admit things are scripted, but not how much.  Who is the seller?  Which gun show did this take place at?  Does it require an adult to accompany juveniles to get in, so would it be fair for a seller to assume “adults” he could have seen with the boy were overseeing things, and that he’d have some ‘splainin’ to do when he showed up with purchase in hand for the ride home?

What else was said, by or to him, by the boy or by the crew that has not been revealed in order to maintain a “pig” presumption with viewers?

In any case, Virginia law was not broken. While the Code of Virginia makes it “unlawful for any person under 18 years of age to knowingly and intentionally possess or transport a handgun or assault firearm anywhere in the Commonwealth,” the same does not apply to the rifle allegedly purchased on camera.

That’s the way things have been in much of the country for much of my lifetime.

Time was, boys and rifles did not result in school shooting headlines.

Years back I related the story of a friend of mine, then 13, who used to take his scoped .22 rifle on a Santa Monica bus to do target practice, opening the action to show the driver it was unloaded and walking several blocks to and from the range. I’ve told the story in “Lies of Omission” of my encounter with a deputy while my friends and I were having fun with a 16-gauge shotgun.

“You boys being careful?” he asked after rolling down the cruiser window, getting a feel for our demeanor and behavior.

“Yes sir,” I replied, gun broken open.

“See that you are,” he replied before driving off, satisfied that there would be no need to prone us out, and that we were doing nothing any different than what he used to do when he was our age. If any stop signs showed up peppered with dents, he had my license plate.

It was a way of life, especially in Virginia before the “progressive” grasp over all aspects of our lives had established an intended death grip on everyone’s throats. Boys routinely took rifles with them to school to do some hunting on the way home. It was part of a culture those who would “fundamentally transform” America need to destroy.  And what the idiot Republicans going along with the betrayal of their oaths fail to account for is that “21” is just another incremental slide down the “slippery slope.”  The gun-grabbers don’t want anyone of any age who is not serving the power elites to own a rifle (or a handgun) for the same reason totalitarians throughout history have looked to citizen disarmament as their best guarantor of success.

But what these examples of past freedoms enjoyed by young people throughout our history prove beyond any doubt is that we, who they furiously demand to disarm, could be trusted with guns when we were young, as could those who raised us. Look at the “progression” of the numbers of incidents as the country changed politically, and the objective conclusion is that the Republic Mr. Franklin challenged us to keep is being destroyed from within by an oxymoronic  culture of “progressive values.”

Helping that along is rapidly accelerating slow suicide. Republicans either need to stop being useful idiots or else admit the false “conservative” wing is –and has been all along — a controlled opposition con job. With each new betrayal, they’re making it easier and easier to assume the worst.


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