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By B.N. Frank

While American public school systems collectively spent billions to provide “high tech” educations to students, Silicon Valley parents have been limiting their own kids’ use and exposure to technology in their homes and sent them to private low-tech schools.  These Silicon Valley parents have been getting more media attention recently for their increasingly desperate and extreme measures in preventing their own kids from using and being exposed to screens.  This includes spying on their nannies.

Tech companies deliberately use “persuasive design” to get children and everyone else hooked on their programs.

According to an August article from Vox, most people have no idea these companies hire psychologists to assist them in designing these programs.  Classy, huh.  Many former tech designers, inventors, and investors have expressed remorse for their past roles in creating addictive technology.  Some are trying very hard to raise awareness so that this will be stopped.

Child, Disrupted | TRAILER from Krista Riihimaki on Vimeo.

This doesn’t seem to matter to the Tech Industry or to the psychologists they pay to create these addictive programs to promote more tech use and exposure.  In August, a group of psychologists sent a letter to the American Psychological Association addressing this.  More unsavory unscrupulous details may be read at Vox.

Technology can be a wonderful tool.  There are many organizations who are working to promote safe use and exposure to all sources of technology.  Please visit their websites if you are concerned about any of this:

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