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Submitted by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog,

Happy Groundhog day! Instead of writing about yet another macro economic topic, I am going to break with tradition, and just present what I think could be the best looking chart in the whole world.

Without further ado, I present Cotton:

And in case you think you might have missed the move, scale back and have a look at the longer term picture:

I know just enough about the fundamentals of various “soft commodities” to get myself into some serious trouble. I won’t insult you with any sort of attempt to explain the recent price action. I don’t have a clue, but it sure seems bullish.

Yet I remind you that for too long, many of these “soft commodities” have been overlooked. Decades of persistent disinflation will do that.

But what if the trend has finally turned? What if the next great bull market will not be in stocks, or bonds, but “soft commodities?” Remember, nothing offers better opportunities than “Shit no one trades”.

Sometimes you need to find new territory. Spread your wings. Trade different stuff. Venture to the other side of the road… Much like this other Canadian groundhog did almost a decade ago at a different F1 race.

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