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Police State America wants to track everyone’s alcohol purchases.

A few months ago, the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board considered implementing a new rule that would require breweries and brewpub owners to collect the names, addresses, ages and phone numbers of everyone.

Tracking alcohol purchases represents an unprecedented, unnecessary and overreaching invasion of privacy

An article in food engineering magazine warns…

This rule would essentially empower the ABC Board to come to an individual’s house to confirm his or her purchase of a six pack of beer. One can’t help but ask, why? The members of Free the Hops fully oppose this proposed rule. It represents an unprecedented, unnecessary and overreaching invasion of privacy.

To call this a privacy nightmare, is an under statement.

Fortunately, the ABC decided against the new rule and cancelled the idea of collecting everyone’s personal information.

How long before other states pass similar legislation?

In the near future people can expect to arrested as soon as they’ve finished eating

Imagine a cop, waiting to arrest you, at the very moment you’ve finished your meal.

How will this happen?

Soon businesses will be forced to record, your name, address, phone number and how much you’ve had to drink! Businesses will send all of your personal information to a police database in real time, monitoring your alcoholic consumption, from your first sip until the moment you’ve paid your bill.

Police will arrest people, the moment they get behind the wheel, because they’ve got a record of your drinking. Now imagine police using that data in a pre-crime database to arrest you for future alcoholic consumption. Scenario’s like this are already happening, read my article ‘Citizens are being arrested before they commit future crimes‘.

Singapore nightclub goers give motorists RFID tags that spy on their alcohol consumption

When a motorist drives up to a nightclub, the valet gives them a parking card inlaid with an RFID tag called Pee Analyzer. Every time a male patron uses the restroom, the urinal analyzes his urine for the alcohol content in his body. If they’ve had “one too many,” their alcohol levels will be displayed at the urinal and the valet’s booth in the parking garage.

Now imagine a nightclub n America sending all your alcoholic consumption to law enforcement.In Belgium, you can’t exit a nightclub’s parking lot without blowing into a breathalyzer first.

Is this what we want America to turn into? A country where police monitor everything?

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