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The President of Poland is threatening to hold a referendum this fall on Poland’s membership in the European Union (EU)! After being subject to sanctions by the EU for refusing to take in its “fair share” of migrants, the EU has decided to play hardball with Poland, but Poland is standing firm, and now threatens the possibility of leaving the EU. Will Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia be far behind? They have supported Poland in refusing migrants themselves. Should Poland leave the EU, these three could quickly follow. What about Italy? Spain? Greece?

The EU is falling apart, over a problem it created itself: the migrant crisis. Angela Merkel is losing support in Germany, as anti-immigration parties grow in size and power, and French President Macron has already said that if a referendum on the EU were held, it is likely France would vote to leave.

While the EU sought to eliminate national sovereignty, the people of those nations seek to retain their sovereignty. To say the bureaucrats in Brussels overestimated their influence and power is an understatement. They vastly overestimated their influence and power. They had a dream of Globalization, but now it is falling apart. Their arrogance and cultish devotion to their Globalist Utopia will keep them from abandoning their dream, and they will fight furtively to defend it, but their dream, their Utopia, will remain just that: a dream of Utopia.

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