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Brian Engelman, Founder of  The New American Media network, and host of internet podcast “Agree to Disagree” invited Stewart and I to discuss the recent riots we’ve seen across the country, and what someone inside an urban center can do to prepare.

We also discussed:
– The importance of emergency preparedness,
– How to apply the lessons of liberty to topics such as “no fly lists”, “firearm ownership”, “stop and frisk”, “The Patriot Act”, “The NDAA”, & more.
– What role will the police and military play in any “without rule of law” scenario, whether that is an incoming hurricane, riot, or other civil unrest situation.
– What is the “Black Lives Matter” movement getting right, and what are they getting wrong?
– Do we all agree that “A riot is not a protest”?
– And much, much more!

Strangely, as in several other TNAM programs, technological glitches have made the conversation much more difficult.
(See some previous John B. Wells shows in his archive)
But we did eventually establish a connection, and with the assistance of Larry (thank you), we were able to document an important conversation about what to do, and what to avoid when the next riot hits your city.

While this program was more of a free floating conversation that spanned many topics, we have also “penciled in” a follow up show focused on “Community Security” which should be useful to everyone.

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