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There are some people who apologize for Trump for virtually every single thing he does. They like to blame the usual cast of villains, including Dina Powell, Jared Kushner, Gary Cohn, Gen. McMaster, Mattis and Kelly — even his own daughter Ivanka Trump. It’s easy to get swept into drama-filled theories of palace intrigue — depicting a cabal of evil people, all with ties to George Soros, trying to take down Trump.

But if you followed that logic all the way down to its root, it would suggest that Trump was, in fact, an idiot — unable to manage his affairs, permitting horrible people control and manage him, even isolate him from the grandeur of the alt-right media. None of this is conducive with the overarching theory by his sycophants that the President is always playing 3D intergalactic speed fencing championship tier chess — so they resort to blaming others for isolating the President.

Case in point. During today’s broadcast of the Alex Jones show, Roger Stone made the outrageous implication that the President was being drugged — as a precursor to a coup. He segued into that after discussing the resignation of long time Trump bodyguard, Keith Schiller. Stone said that Schiller had always been ‘the canary in the coal mine’ for the President and that with him out of the way, forced out by Gen. Kelly, the President’s life was in danger.

This all makes for a good radio show, drives up the click views on the website — but it cannot be substantiated, aside from a few ‘unnamed sources.’ Stone even said that McMaster made disparaging remarks about Trump while dining with the CEO of Oracle recently, with Jones chiming in that the behavior was in fact ‘treasonous.’

All of this rhetoric was checked and flushed down a Floridian toilet bowl when Jones called up Dr. Pieczenik to get his take on this ‘bombshell’ news. Starting off the conversation, Dr. Pie chastised him thricely for not being polite enough to ask how he was fairing during Hurricane Irma — then he laid waste to Jones’ conspiracies, pointing out that the President wasn’t a child and was smart enough to manage his own affairs.

I’ve never seen these two clash. Watch.

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