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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

The Nikki Haley moron appointed as US ambassador to the UN by Trump to destroy America’s reputation in the world…

is today sucking her thumb.

All her threats to cut off US money to countries that voted against Trump’s illegal and unilateral action of establishing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital had no effect.

The world gave Nikki and Trump the bird, voting 129 to 9 against the rogue governments of the US and Israel.

The Chinese government referred to Trump’s effort to impose Israel’s will on international law as typical “American arrogance.”

Wherever one looks, Washington is digging America’s grave. The Russians view Trump’s, or rather the military/security complex’s, national security speech the same as I do.

Russian President Putin said that Washington’s strategy is “definitely offensive” and “definitely aggressive.” Russia has taken note, Putin said.

The world is fed up with Washington. If the fools governing us persist, they are going to destroy themselves along with the rest of us.

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